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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by mrcarb
Does anyone here have a good way of installing the center stand on a T140? Stretching the spring is difficult.

Thank you in advance.
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by Andytheflyer
Clamp one end of the spring in a vice. Bend spring and insert washer in the gap between adjacent coils. Bend spring the other way and insert another washer 180 degrees offset from the first. Repeat until the spring is long enough to slip over the two location lugs. Fit spring. Remove washers.

I have done it by fixing a length of wire into the front end of the spring, fitting the rear loop onto the c/stand mount, then using a long screwdriver as a lever through the wire loop stretch the spring until the front loop will locate over the frame mount. Last time I tried it I couldn't get it to work for some reason so reverted to the washers method.
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by desco
Don't know about a T140 but on mine I hook up the spring before I bolt the stand to the frame then use the stand as a lever to get the bolt holes to line up.
Hope that makes sense. It's easier if everything is up on a bench and you are not laying on the floor.
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by Hermit
Instead of trying to push the spring on, try pulling it on with a piece of cord or wire. An assistant to pull while you guide the spring on, or visa versa, is a huge help.

Not sure about the T140, but this works well on the 650s.
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by henryanthony
I drilled and tapped holes on the top of vise jaws and inserted screws suitable for the spring ends. Then, open the vise enough to insert washers...
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