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Gordon Gray
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
B44 Flat Tracker #817812 07/28/2020 7:09 PM
by Tridentman
A good friend of mine has recently scored a 1968 B44 fitted with a fibre glass flat tracker kit.
We dont think that it is recent --rather more a late 1960s period piece--maybe fitted by the dealer from new to shift the metal--or in this case metal and fibre glass!
There is a very faded label stuck under the seat and my friend would be interested to learn more about the fibre glass unit.
I attach photos of the bike and the label.
Any information gratefully received.
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Re: B44 Flat Tracker #817888 Jul 29th a 07:25 AM
by Mitch
"street tracker"... it was a thing
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Re: B44 Flat Tracker #817852 Jul 28th a 11:38 PM
by Steve Erickson
Steve Erickson
Doubt it was fitted by the dealer... but I'd guess it is probably a more recent addition. 15 years ago or so a bunch of them (NOS) surfaced on ebay. Don't know the back-story, but for a while there were a lot of them available... they may have been a part of that west coast cargo-container stash that the Sandy Bandit forgot about and got bought up at an auction? They didn't sell like hotcakes, and so most went pretty cheaply. Seemed like most (of that batch anyway) were for BSA unit singles, but I do recall seeing some for Triumph twins.

I admit I did actually think (for a moment) about buying one for a fast fix/flip on a roller, but even a $25 price tag couldn't convince me to do that to it.
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Re: B44 Flat Tracker #817907 Jul 29th a 12:42 PM
by Tridentman
Strange that you should mention that, Gordon.
After my friend got the bike home he found that the tank/seat unit was only mounted to the bike by one bolt through the tank.
There were mounting points under the seat of the tank/seat unit but they were way off lining up with anything on the bike frame.
I kinda like it in a period type way but it isn't too practical for everyday use.
My friend has got some AV gas to use in it to avoid destroying the tank with ethanol fuel---but that limits the range to local rides only.
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