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Original Post (Thread Starter)
New chrome tank for a J #814611 06/30/2020 10:55 PM
by Rohan
So I decided it was time to spruce up the old Enfield, a circa 1947 Model J,
and ordered a chrome tank for it from one of the (many) suppliers in India.

Couple of weeks later it was here, plague restrictions and all.
Delivered by Fedex no less.
I had enquired of the seller if there were any freight links, and they replied
they could get it delivered.- all in the std price quoted.

There are a range of colour schemes on the tanks on sale - I went with the cheapest !
I'm not entirely sure what my bikes original scheme would have been, but I'm fairly sure that red
decals and gold striping probably wasn't one of them. But it still looks good.
I might redo the pinstripes at some later stage.

It arrived, packed into a carton with miles of padding !
And looks good I have to say.
Now I've done a chrome plating course, and know the perils of trying to plate something with
lumps and bumps and wavy lines in the metal - and this seems to have none of that.
Top notch, so far.
And it came with a bayonet cap - not shown in the pics, nor mentioned - and fits and opens/closes very nicely.
The kneepad bolts are metric - I kinda expected that.
The mounting points underneath line up with the frame very nicely.
Its got all the right cutout underneath to take an ohv top end.

I need to find some taps for it, and leak test it - but I can't see any daylight when you look through the tank cap
and hold it up to the sunlight. A good sign ... !!

I'm impressed, so far. Especially at the price.
I couldn't even get a tank chromed here at such low $$.
Let alone all the polishing/work.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: New chrome tank for a J #815324 Jul 7th a 04:25 AM
by Rohan
Originally Posted by Rohan
I haven't quite yet verified ___ the tank mounting bolts <snip>
They are not metric, and they look like they could be cycle thread.
Give me a day or 2 to rustle up some to try and absolutely confirm.

With a bit of testing, the tank mounting bolt holes look to be 5/16 UNF
and not the 3/8 Cycle Thread my rijjinal tank is.

Looks like it would be easy to drill them and tap them to 3/8 BSCy, but I'll think on it.

[Linked Image from]
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