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#811035 06/01/2020 12:03 PM
by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
I have on hand a points plate ,nearly new auto advance and wire leads. The bike now has the original Rita Lucas that was repaired by Nick L. It works just fine. But since the changes I made to cam timing and piston squish, the engine cannot be made to ping with an actual 9.2 compression using the common around here 90 octane non ethanol gas. 91 octane E10 is also no problem.
I believe the engine can tolerate a faster ignition advance, easy to do with points auto advance but impossible for me with electronic ignitions. The only way to know is to do it..

I only ride the bike about 1500 miles a year so points maintenance is not an issue.
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by kevin
i could never start my victor with the boyer installed.

now with a points system i still cant start it.
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by Nick H
Nick H
Where do you get NOS points?
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by Hillbilly bike
Hillbilly bike
It's far easier for me to do ignition advance curve changes with points and a mechanical auto advance.I have all the parts needed.....
I was going to use an ignition from the place you liked for my race bike. It seemed that I would have to mount a pick up on the primary side...That and them failing to respond specifically to my questions changed my mind...Others may have a difference experience...
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by quinten
you have 2 springs ... they dont have to be the same strength .

if one spring is weaker ... this spring will advance first .
the second stronger spring , can even have a tiny bit of slack
when this second spring ... comes-on ... the Advance curve flattens .

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by HawaiianTiger
I am also done with cities. Hope to never see one again. I lived for too long in the greater LA metropolitan area, I think is second only to Tokyo or perhaps London for sheer size. You may have to drive in horrible traffic for an hour to get to some roads nice enough to relax and enjoy riding.
I rode in that traffic daily and developed very high level survival tactics. Splitting lanes is a survival imperative. Having a clean, fast and reliable bike with superb brakes also a survival imperative. Riding aggressively nets positive results as it makes the cage drivers notice you. Simple tricks like weaving, or wearing a gold colored helmet nets results. (cop helmets are gold)
Besides, our bikes are more suited for meandering country roads where their qualities can really shine. Blasting down freeways at 70mph seems disrespectful in a way. No way to treat a lady....
I did the long distance riding thing, and on a Triumph, too. Now I can say I did it, but it won't happen again. Never been so hot, so cold, so bored, so terrified at times......
By the way, I learned yesterday that Maui County has the highest unemployment in the nation. Makes sense. The roads are nearly empty and there is a veritable sea of parked rental cars near the airport. Some say as many as 20 thousand....
But, the riding is good. More like it was 22 years ago when I first got here. Silver lining....
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