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#810537 05/27/2020 8:19 PM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
I've taken two rides with the speedometer installed, and it seems to be working, except that it's having location-dependent problems acquiring a signal. Also, it's telling me I'm going slower than I think I am, like when it says 60 I feel like I'm doing 70. I guess the next step is to get paced by another vehicle.
[Linked Image from]
This may not be the ideal location for the antenna (under the steering damper anchor plate). All I can glean from the documentation, which is just a few crude drawings and a bunch of Chinese writing, is that the antenna should be mounted horizontally, right side up. But perhaps it needs to be more exposed. I'll try it like this for a while, as the research continues.
[Linked Image from]
Now I just need to paint the bracket and tidy up. I may paint the back of the gauge black, and remove the threaded studs that are for panel mounting. And I need to find a place to hide all that antenna wire, now coiled under the left handlebar (visible in first photo).
[Linked Image from]
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#810686 May 29th a 01:20 AM
by Mark Z
Mark Z
Originally Posted by triton thrasher
Did you mount your TV satellite dish under your house, facing the ground?

And here's a link to the gauge I purchased:

Note in the description it says, "Mount the sensor at any position, on or under the dashboard." Under the dashboard would be pretty "buried" I wager.
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