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Original Post (Thread Starter)
1951 ES2 Magneto #804004 04/04/2020 3:48 PM
by AriL
I hope that I find everybody well during these crazy times.
I have a 1951 Norton ES2 bike that I need a working Magneto for it.
Would appreciate your help locating a source for it.
Thank you and best regards!
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Re: 1951 ES2 Magneto #804134 Apr 5th a 11:12 AM
by Rohan
This would generally be a Lucas Magdyno, I think an MO-1
I'll check the Lucas bible, be tomorrow.

You have nothing ?, a repairable core will often defray the cost.
They cost half an arm and a leg these days in pristine condition.
The generator on top adds extra.

[Linked Image from]

You may also need the alloy bracket underneath it, unless your engine already has something.
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Re: 1951 ES2 Magneto #804206 Apr 6th a 01:50 AM
by gREgg-K
I took some time to check the Lucas reference book for the correct MagDyno that was used on the 1951 ES2 used. It is as follows:
- Magneto section MO1L, part number 46029 A or B
- Dynamo - E3L, part number 20013 D thru J

Be careful when looking for one by simply quoting the application, because some of the earlier machines used mags that rotated clockwise, while the one you need is anti-clock.

As Rohan suggested, it is much less expensive to rebuild an existing MagDyno than to build one from scratch. However, if you can not locate one, I can build one for you from my stock. Or, I could restore one you might find.

... Gregg
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Re: 1951 ES2 Magneto #804209 Apr 6th a 02:19 AM
by Rohan
Thanks Gregg, confirms my memories, and the Lucas bible agrees 100%.

I was going to suggest something like this one on UK fleabay - although you have no idea if its just been beadblasted.
That blue spark looks hopeful - it says it needs a rebuild. There are any number of ones there you could use as a core.
You will have to remove those 2 pegs underneath.

I bought a similar magdyno & generator a while back. It wasn't strictly the correct numbers one, but as long as it spins anticlock and has provision underneath for the 4 countersunk screws, it should be good to go.

By the time you purchase something and ship it, you may as well have just shipped your existing one ??
I'd also comment that few bikes really NEED a functioning generator, I've noticed that a total loss battery system is perfectly good, unless you intend to really do a lot of night riding ?

[Linked Image from]
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