i had '54 about 20 yrs ago and it cost me a small fortune to do.it was together,but missing about the same stuff as yours.it was my one and only b-33 experience.it probably had led a pretty hard life,but i'm not sure what is "normal' on those.mine had been used off road and was fairly thrashed. there were cracks in the case and the oil pump drive shaft that runs bushing-less in the case had worn the hell out of the case to the point that drive gear engagement was "iffy" at best. your lucky its not a magdyno unit as the dowels that register in the case had wallowed out the slots making proper gear alignment a drama.round dowel's in an aluminum slot are poor engineering after all the money spent and a definite lack of spares support (i was living in the u.s.) i swore i'd never own another. if i was driven to own another and just HAD to have one,i'd bite the bullet and buy an ABSAF motor,unless i knew where a truck load of spare parts are hidden as it was just totally worn out.i'm sure they have their adherants and advocates. i cut costs a bit by installing a belt drive, and while the down side it eliminated the cush drive,it wasnt going to be flogged anymore at least by me.pleasant to drive, UNPLEASANT to start,but it sure was a pretty thing!