So I’m just getting to grips with my DBD rep build and I need to fine tune my nice new GP. I’m not too far out but I couldn’t seem to get the pilot side sorted out... I’d done as I should and tried to get good response at 2500 revs but never quite got there....a few times I tried altering it on the move ,as I hovered around the 2k Rev mark, to no avail. I had a flash of inspiration as I rode around, and held the tickler down to see if that helped. It seemed to sharpen up the response, so I got back home and raised the float bowl, despite it being painstakingly set at the correct level. I figured that there must be a different dynamic level, higher than my static level, and hell, what did I have to lose..
I raised it probably ¼”, and seemed to find the idle circuit I’d been missing. Out on the road again and it still wasn’t perfect, but tickling it on the move seemed to make it better, so I raised it higher. To hell with everything I’d read, I seem to be able to tune this baby by feel, I’m almost a natural...
I was getting backfires on the overrun though, and the plug suggested things were rich, so I started thinking. I checked the float level and I was around 3/8” above the conventional ‘bottom of the circle’...
That night in bed , I had a brainwave.. maybe just maybe the pilot circuit was blocked..
Next morning I check, to find that the reason I’m not getting much response from turning the pilot screw in and out is because the last 1/8” of the pilot screw is broken off and jammed in the jet, almost as if some ham-fisted gorilla has over-tightened the pilot screw whilst wobbling down the road one handed..

I had to turn a brass punch to remove the wayward pilot point, and luckily Autocycle Engineering who remake the GP are only a 40 minute drive, so a quick trip this morning and , hey presto, I have a pilot circuit again !

It’d be no fun if it was all straightforward ?