I have been given a brand new Megacycle cam with accompanying radiused followers for a B50. It came from an ex B50 racer who was getting rid of all of his stuff. It is marked 41X5. It is not listed in Megacycle's current online catalogue. When I called Megacycle, she said the designation was from the '70s and she could not find any information on it in her archives. Ed V is going to map it for me. Meanwhile, I was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge? Over the past few years, I have gotten some interesting bits from the same guy, and as I am approaching the point of having all of my bikes running, I am thinking of re-working my B50 to incorporate some of them, including the cam, a head that was supposedly reworked and ported by Kenny Augustine (or under his supervision, that part is a bit unclear), a 36mm Dellorto matched to the intake of the head, and a big 4 leading shoe Grimeca in a Borranni rim. Should be fun!

Ed from NJ