We are seaking dedicated BritBike forum members who are willing to help keeping the forum clean from posts that are not following our rules.
Posts that are not following the rules should be unapproved/deleted and the poster should be notified. in some cases even banned. Banning decision is up to the admin to decide.
As a moderator you are expected to not only follow our rules but also to be fair when you act as our moderator.

Some of the boards are easier to moderate than others. If you are interested to join as moderator your account will be lifted to moderator lever for that forum and you will also join the moderators forum so that you can discuss issues with ohter moderators.

If you have more than one forum that you like to moderate feel free to apply for multiple forums.
You can PM me or write a reply here

Following forums are available to join.

- Britbike remembrance forum
- The Rod and Tappet
- British motorcycles in general (New moderator is Jon W. Whitley)
- The triple forum (New moderator is Tridentman)
- British modified/specials (New moderator is GrandPaul)
- Ariel forum
- Royal enfield forum (New moderator is royaloilfield)
- Velocette forum

Looking forward to hear from you!

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