I have started an Onshape project to collect known T160 engine dimensions. At the moment I am sorting out the main architecture, hence the different planes visible. If you have any reliably known dimensions drop them in the comments and I will put them in the model. To start we need the crank to clutch axis, cylinder incline angle, deck to crank axis, timing gear plane to crank axis.

I am not a mechanical modeler. My game is electronics so if you are one of those and want to participate I am very well disposed to that.Hopefully we can get this looking like an engine.

My motivation is the outlandishly capable manufacturing technologies that are becoming available. It is the case that a metal 3D printed crankcase will one day be possible, but you need the CAD file. Having the "block, head, rocker stack" properly defined will enable fixing valve geometry on well buggered about engines.



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