Guy knows his [***] and is really maticulous to a point. Started my engine 2015 and got it in 2018. Now on the time thing we've discussed that at least a years to get to it but was fired up about the build.

Givin the time frame one would think the maticulous parts were addressed.

Exhaust spigots were machined to fit but butting them into the head not so well. #2 seems well but could have used a little blending I mean you're right there.the other has a pretty good gap.

Timing was a nice issue as well. Faought with it and pulled the civer. Sure enough off on tooth which is weeded cause of my pics. Anyway she runs

The good part- she's a [***] in rocket!

Two hours on motor. More to come

Hammer 1973 t40 on roids.

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