After a year and a half got the 1971 Thunderbolt running.
Did a complete frame up restoration. Rebuilt the engine
and glad to see the engine didn't seize or blow up. LOL.
First time working on a BSA. Learned a lot from this
forum and want to specifically thank Stuart. Reading his
posts helped me put the bike together as a BSA newbie.

Still have to strobe the timing and final carb adjustment.
The AMAL Concentric. Float adjustment off,
and idle jet clogged. Found his out when I tried to start
the bike. Also learned some made in UK parts don't
always fit along with Emgo Tried to use as many NOS
parts that I could find as they fit.

One oil leak from the SRM oil pressure relief valve and
some primary covers screws. Have the Hi/Low beam
indicator reversed and the tail light stop light. Went
with the wiring diagram. Guess I read it wrong. Have
a rebuilt Smiths speedo SSM5007/00 1000 not
working. Pretty sure I have the correct speedo drive
gear box (19-9225 @ 1-25/1). Speedo cable may be
wrong. Should I have the magnetic cable (or whatever
it is called)?

I will be posting pictures later. Again, I could NOT have
restored this BSA without the outstanding people on
this forum!!!

Will be putting it up for sale.

Next is restoring my 1970 Triumph T120R Bonneville
I recently bought. I am the 3rd owner and have the
title and registration from the original owner and 2nd
owner with all the work done on it (invoices). 9829
actual miles on it. I think it is pretty much all original.
Original paint, Clear Hooter horns (has original
stickers on horns but one says High Note and one
says Low Note?). Black face speedo/tach and Lucas
Made in UK Ammeter. Seat is original. Will certainly be
seeking assistance on this bike. Matching numbers
with VIN starting with CD.