Harry Woolridge, former service manager at the Meriden cooperative , former machine registrar of the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club and author of books on the Speed Twin/Thunderbird and Tiger/Trophy models died a fortnight ago.
He had posts at Meriden , pre co-op, at Experimental dept , assistant quality control manager and as an inspection foreman. I read that he also assisted in the outrageous publicity stunt of having the then-new TR5T Trophy Trail model ridden up to Britain’s highest mountain peak, Ben Nevis !
As machine registrar , I found him very helpful as he wrote in detail to explain my query as to my newly-acquired TR65’s unusual specification. I was very surprised by his reply that, later confirmed by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club, revealed my TR65 to be the last of the Thunderbird models out of the factory !
Harry is one of the many figures from the cooperative that feature in John Rosamond’s book of the last part of the Meriden Triumph story, “Save The Triumph Bonneville !”.

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1983 TR65T Tiger Trail
1983 TSSAV
1983 TSX
1983 TR65 Thunderbird
1982 TR7T Tiger Trail