Hello, I have a pair of non matching Series 2 crankcases that I cannot use
The problem is when assembled with crank and cams the alignment dowels and stud holes don’t line up
So ....... what to do with them. Hitchcocks have a pair for £1000 so I think these must have some use
Whilst the general view is crankcase halves must match I have built 2 engines with non matching halves and know of a few others so it can be done.
I think there are 2 options
1. If you have the machining facilities there is a possibility they could be rectified
2. If you want one half (thrown a rod etc) to build up with crank and rods and test the rotation etc.
I will sell them on a “sale or return” basis
If you want the pair but on inspection find they can’t be rectified return them
If you want a half but find it won’t assemble with your half, return it
You pay postage so a bit of a risk for you, I am in the UK
If you want to buy you name the price, I am sure we will agree