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@leon bee and DavidP. Are you speaking of changing the oil often because the gearbox attracts moisture? If so will it turn frothy like when I get water in the bottom end of my outboard?

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With my Vstrom and Honda's I always use detergent free oil, will this bike need the same? The gentleman gave me 20W 50 motor oil and SAE 50 gear only for the clutch and tranny.

Yes, the gearbox attracts moisture. If allowed to accumulate, it will reduce the viscosity of the gear oil and take out your tranny bearings. Gearbox should get 80W90 gear oil. Filler cap on top of right crankcase or top of inner timing cover, drain plug on the bottom.

Original factory spec for primary drive/clutch was 10W30 engine oil, but many (including I) prefer ATF (Type F). I have found ATF to improve clutch performance and longevity. Add through inspection cap, drain screw at bottom of primary chaincase cover.

Engine (oil reservoir) should get 20W50 motor oil.

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