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Melbourne, Australia
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End Play Tolerance & Case Halves Sealant
#750955 09/29/18 7:30 pm
Joined: Mar 2017
Posts: 29
Doug F Offline OP
Britbike forum member
OP Offline
Britbike forum member
Joined: Mar 2017
Posts: 29
Howdy All,
Usually I'm here asking advice from all you you seasoned builders. This time I'm happy to return the favor by posting some info. I hope to be useful for you all.
I'm sure I'm not the first to come across this and it's more than likely been posted before at some point but here it is .
rebuilding my 1966 A65 Lightning , Putting the case halves together checked & shimmed the end play of the crankshaft to just a hair under .002"
Would've preferred .001" but that's as close as I could get with the shim options in the kit, and with the rotor & gears &spacer torqued.
Great ! used the Locktite 518 with the primer/ actuator sealed it up let sit for a day. come back put the rotor & gears on recheck tolerance & felt noticeably more wiggle.
now it reads over .005" "what"? OK pull it apart again sealant is all intact still on 1 surface so I figured I could leave it there just for putting together to get the end play correct .
Not a good Idea as I found putting in together 3 times after adjusting the shims to what should've been correct & getting different readings each time. I figure it has to be because
even thought it looks good the sealant must be balling up somewhere causing the differences. My bad learned a lesson there.
So Finally getting to the main point here I pealed up a strip of the 518 still intact & measured it with the micrometer , it came to .003" & compressed down with pretty good tensnion to .025"
this I measured in 3 different places of the long strip I pealed up & it;s exactly the same everywhere.
So it's considerably more than I expected & gives me a sound basis of what to set the tolerance to before adding the sealant in order to get the .015"-.025" that I'm looking for.
Hopefully I'll get this done finally one last time & get on with things.basically i'll make sure it's at a good warm temperature, set the play as close to just over zero tolerance as I can
which I figure will mean little or no movement of the needle on the gauge, but still rotates "Freely" without drag . Without the sealant
I may even let it cool over night & recheck for my own sake so I have a good idea of what expansion to expect .
Do it all again with the sealant and everything & hopefully that'll be that. I'll check it again to verify of course.
I'll Let you know how it all comes out. Hope this is of some use for you all. I'd be interested to know what you think .

'66 Lightning Engine, '68 Mark IV frame "bitsa"
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Re: End Play Tolerance & Case Halves Sealant
Doug F #751526 10/04/18 6:18 pm
Joined: Mar 2017
Posts: 29
Doug F Offline OP
Britbike forum member
OP Offline
Britbike forum member
Joined: Mar 2017
Posts: 29
Thanks, NickL
good feedback . I know I'm overthinking this & tend to do that with everything . My Dad was a mechanical engineer & that's just kind of the way I was raised.
This is the first engine I've done so it's good to know that there's leeway for some slop. I was actually concerned with the extra play causing damage to the new bushing
& extra vibration from the crank knocking back & forth . Still I think it's a good thing to know what to expect when applying the sealant & setting initial tolerance .
Your input about how you usually do it I think verifies how I I've determined to go about it after some trial & error. Makes sense

Thanks Again

'66 Lightning Engine, '68 Mark IV frame "bitsa"

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