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Hi all, the mik's came in a box with the bike when I got it so I have been riding with them for a while, judging by all replies I think I will persevere and get them right, sort out the mounting and all should be good. Been persuaded off of the Amals.

Your choice. I put Miks on my 71 A65. I really wanted Mk2 Amals, but the Miks were cheap so I went with that. Many jets changes later they work well. However, I only get 35mpg, where I used to get 40-45 with the Amals.
They can look very "trick," if that's what you're after, but they are relatively huge, space is limited, as are options for mounting.
FWIW: I'm going back to Amals on this bike. They might be junk-metal crap, but they fit the bike. Might not be as fast as the Miks, but if I wanted to go fast I would not be riding 45 year-old bikes.
Good luck with getting the jetting correct. laughing

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