Just wondering if anyone (besides possibly me) has assembled an A10 transmission and gotten the selector quadrant lever one tooth off with the cam plate gear? I ask because after assembling mine I can get all 4 speeds easily, the plunger engages the cam plate as it should. The throw upward for first feels short, and the shift down into second doesn't always happen unless all the in and out play (about an 1/8 of an inch max) on the selector lever shaft is taken up to the inside of the box. I went in with a camera and can see the selector plate on the shaft that engages the quadrant lever will ride right over the notch it should engage with to go from first to neutral unless the shift shaft is pushed all the way in to the box. Almost like the notch on the quadrant is rotated too far downward for complete engagement when in first gear. Or am I possibly just dealing with worn shifter parts?

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