We are now shipping our first batch of new ignition units, which we will be using for a new range of systems (named Altair). These systems will be priced between the Sure Fire and Smart Fire systems.

They are a fully digital design, but the modules are more compact than the Smart Fire systems - the module is in the same case as the Sure Fire systems. As with all of our systems, the main ignition 'logic' is kept away from the high temperatures that can occur in the timing cavity.
Long wiring allows the module to be fitted in a choice of locations.

The first application is for the Triumph/Bsa Triples.
Included are a set of coils (three PVL 3 volt types), which directly replace the original coils.
Due to its design (including the use of 3 volt coils), the Altair system will run down to lower supply voltages than most other systems, so great for electric as well as kick start models. There’s a tacho output signal wire, but no kill switch input wire or rev-limiter button (as featured in the Smart Fire systems). An on-board timing light makes static timing simpler.

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Pazon Ignitions - Altair Ignition Systems

The next application will be for twins, due for release by the end of May. This new system is especially aimed at the Norton Commando, with a mapped advance curve that features idle stabilisation.

Later in the year the new Altair systems will also be offered in a ‘Pro’ version, which will incorporate an 8-way switch in the back of the module. This will allow a number of extra features, including selection from a number of advance curves, rev-limiter, test function, etc.

Andy Perkins
Pazon Ignitions Ltd.