We've completed the working prototype, and figured out the approximate cost to build these kits, and have determined the price point and provided a bit of a comparison in relation to the OEM bits. These can be retrofit to any Norton Featherbed model, and/or used on TriTon, NorBSA, and any other Featherbed-based bike.

Sale price of the first 4 kits, available next week, is $125.00 plus shipping for each complete kit.

I should have an additional 4 kits available in about 2 weeks' time.

Specs - BAB retrofit kit // OEM bits
Spindle diameter - 3/4" // 1/2"
Bushings - Bronze // Metalstic
Security - 3/4" nyloc, (4) 1/4" SS // 1/2" nut
Lubrication - 140w oil // (none)

OEM metalastic bushings can deteriorate and the spindles can "freeze" in the bores; BAB bushings are significantly more durable and spindle is fit in an oiled bore.

BAB spindle is over 20% larger in diameter than the OEM spindle; consequently, the bearing surface is significantly greater. Greater bearing surface of the BAB kits, and material rigidity relative to the metalastic unit, provide significantly more precise suspension characteristics.

All that is required to install the units is to enlarge the existing spindle holes in the frame flanges from 1/2" to 3/4"; a stepped drill bit helps, but it can be done with a standard bit. Then, mark & drill the (4) 1/4" security holes above and below the two spindle holes (template provided); next, drill & tap the oil filler hole in the swingarm spindle tube.

You would have already pressed out your old bushings, simply press the new ones in (you can also press out the old bushings using one of the new ones, then press the second one in the o.pposite end).

Slip the new spindle through one side of the frame, slip on a thrust washer & o-ring, set the swingarm in place and slide the spindle through, slip the second o-ring and thrust washer between the swingarm & frame, drive the swingarm home, then bolt up the security hardware. Less than an hour, not including use of a press (about 10 minutes).

In the case of a TriTon build, the low profile of the end plates and hardware do not interfere with the fitting up of outer mounting plates.

[Linked Image]

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(finished end plates will be painted or powdercoated)

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