Hey guys , Well i solved my coil question , i'am running a stock softail dual output coil 12 volts 3 ohms ressitance . It fits perfect . Okay here goes i fired the engine up after i did the Boyer timing as per instructions .First i checked to make sure that the right cyclinder was on compression stroke {both valves closed} so i checked and made sure stator was lined up at pionter okay , white mark on rotor lined up ,okay , front crank notch in middle of inspection hole, okay. So my question is when i kicked it over the thing nearly took my leg off with a seriuos kick back !! which usually means to far advance ?....is this normal for it to kick back ?. so i retarded it alittle and it seemed to be better , it does still kick back sometimes. Also when i put the choke on carb {slide choked} it kicks back real good . what gives ? If i time it with a strobe light do i do it for one cyclinder only as there is no pionts ?......thanks