Grand total for Anna's Christmas:


Donor List

A Nony Mouse
Anonymous in GA
David in Atlanta
Dennie Beicker
Gordan Gray
Royal Oilfield
Jon Whitley

Thank you all.

Melissa as usual was so very grateful.

A portion of your donation will go for more dental work. You paid for that.

Melissa reiterated what I have stated before- your donation helps with copays, out of pocket expenses, out of network doctors... the list goes on and on.

Without your help, the Motts would have to cut back on what the health care system deems non essential (like visiting a sleep consultant, some prescription medicine, dental work.,etc).

Every day, Anna takes 11 pills. Every day. Let that sink in a minute. YOU help pay for her prescription drugs.

Your donation makes and has made a difference in Anna'a young life. You make it happen. I just deliver the check and get the hugs.

God bless you all.

God Bless Anna Mott

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