This T110 was a fairly complete bike when I got it, but in very bad shape.
It does have what I assume to be the original trans on it, so I can give the numbers to anyone who may have info on what the numbers should be.
Although I have built many Triumph engines back in the '70's, I never realized how fragile the heads were from a rigidity standpoint.
This one was way out and when I started to place it in the mill, I saw that clamping it down would twist it flat. I figured it would twist back after milling, so what do I do?
A retired machinist friend on mine (BSALLOYD on other forum posts) told me about having a surface lapped (not ground). He took it somewhere and had both surfaces lapped.
I have since heard that this method is used quite often in rebuilding hydraulic pumps.
You might keep this in mind if you ever run into a similar situation.