I've done a fair bit of stove enamel work on mostly antique electric fans, not motorcycle parts. I've always powdercoated those. But, I've found that if you bake the enamel, first, it's ready for use much sooner, and second, the finish can be cut back and polished if you like, making for a very attractive and glass smooth finish with a soft glow, instead of a harsh mirror shine like automotive paints. Once baked, it's also solvent and gas proof.
It's a matter of tastes at the end of the day.
I use One Shot lettering enamel because the price isn't too high, the quality is very good and it comes in smaller cans. Shelf life isn't so long with these types of paints.

It can be costly. When the wife smells what you've done, it will likely cost you a night out at an expensive restaurant.


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