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you will want a capacitor in place or swap the pod tronics for a Boyer power box.

With no connection to a resistive source the Alton will over heat, causing the grease to run out of the bearings, you’ll only know because it will be howling, despite still charging.

The battery wire broke on my friends bike causing this issue, it would be similar to running without a battery at all.

When a pod or a powerbox or any shunt regulator is controlling a pm alternator the shunting
does not present any greater load to the stator than running around 60% of maximum capacity.
The stator will warm up but will not be overloaded, it is like running the stator with the 2 or 3 output
wires twisted together, it will not harm the stator. Contrary to popular belief, it also does not present
a significantly greater mechanical load either. (Not with these old primitive ones anyway.)
Placing a capacitor in place of the battery would aid the starting of a coil ignition bike, it does not
really do anything else.
I tend to agree with Andy, these days a tiny battery can be stowed somewhere so easily and the
lights will work all the time.