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what if every one from the tsmr gave up the cost of a six pack of Newcastle?


Now boys THAT'S the spirit!!!!!!! We have 25 days left.......PLENTY of time. How about some of you just come on over to Atlanta and run with me......if I can do it ANYBODY can. If you can't make the trip.......PLEASE help us out with a donation. Big or small it all helps and is greatly appreciated. Melissa is tickled pink.....she never dreamed it would go this well.

YOU have time.....I know some of you are just waiting to mess with me. DON'T make me have to come looking for you.

There are several folks that DO NOT want to give their CC information to anybody online. I have been taking donations via Paypal (I know they have your information too....but) and then imputing them to the foundation. I'll go with any way you want it....your name and amount or leave some or all of it out....I've been doing it every way you can think of....no problem. IF you want to pledge and just send me a personal check.....I'll get your donation to the foundation.....you get to see your name on the team's honor roll on the site as a double check ( pun intended)

Like I said.......don't make me come looking for you.


You will notice that our fearless leader hasn't added his name to the team member list yet. I'm sure he's one of those that's getting a kick out of making me wait......25 days and counting brothers. DAVID CARTER was the very first person to donate.....some of you have no clue how special that is.......some of you do.

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Take care..........Gordon in NC........ANNA'S ARMY

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