Jon and GP.......Thank you two for the support. Look....I get it. You can't save/help everybody.....if you're on FB you get bombed every week for a donation for this and that. To some of you this whole Mott thing is out of place here on I get it.

Do what you feel comfortable with.......I'm 100% sure there are some of you that wouldn't give a dime......that's just not the kind of people you are. I'm looking for those who would give a little......and expect nothing in return except for the fact that your donation went to a worthy cause. We can't save/help them all....but a little over 6 years ago a group of us sorta adopted the Mott's and I can't let that go. There was a time when this site was like family to me......the memories are still there and a lot of the folks that helped make those are still around. When David holds a donation drive I never know who "Anonymous" is........only David does. I often wonder why some of you don't add your name to the list....but I write it off as you're one of the Anonymous donors. Now that I'm running one.....I'm wondering where you are because I would have bet money you'd help if asked.

Do what you can....if you worries if you don't want to....I get it.

Proud to be a Friend of the Mott's.......Gordon in NC who thankfully has made more friends on here than enemies....Bless you all.

PS...I want to add something so there's no misconception....none of the money for this donation drive goes to the Mott's....our other drives David gives 100% of everything to the Mott's to help out with expenses. This donation drive isn't about Anna's about her mom Melissa. You might not have met her but over they years if you've followed this you've gotten to know her. Melissa feels very strongly about this charity enough so she started a team last year. We're doing this to help her. Putting a little sunshine into a life that has to be harder than most of us deal with. (even though...I know some of you are sorta in the same situation and have been for years). Melissa didn't ask for this......she wouldn't but I KNOW she appreciates any help she can get.

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