My new experience with new Premier carbs was confused by previous experience with old Amals.

As pointed out by John and others for the first time in maybe 40 years of using Amals found I had to use the choke on my 850 commando.

- and it took a while to learn the lesson.

I changed from 17 to 19 and finally to 21 jets. I changed to a 3 slide. And still the bike was very very reluctant to transition off idle no matter how carefully I opened the throttle.

Part of the issue was my annoying experience of the useless modern cables with the "pull off" nipples. Branded cables from a normal dealer and one pulled off the throttle and then another off the choke. At which stage I threw the choke away not wishing to replace 5 times 2.

But I'm going to have to resolder all of them and fit the choke.

(And yes I did carefully inspect and clean the new "matched pair" of AMAL Premiers. "Matched" so one carb came with a 200 main and the other a 260. :-) They came in a nice box carefully packaged together with 850 Commando on the box. )

Trust no one !!!!

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