Hey guys, I'm torn on whether or not I should pull the trigger on purchasing this bike as my next project. It's a bit odd, it's a 1952 M-21 engine in a 1952 or 53 B series plunger frame. I'll just list the good and bad (that I know) and see what you guys think.

The good

1. All new paint
2. New wheels
3. New headlamp
4. New mag
5. Rebuilt carb
6. New tires
7. All parts are there except for speedo and exhaust/silencer.

The bad

1. Owner has never had it running (owner never tried to get it running though)
2. Mismatched engine and frame
3. Needs a title.

The owner is firm at $2,600 USD. If this was a matching frame/engine it would be a no brainer. The other thing that bothers me is it's a weaker engine from a different series in a frame that had a more powerful engine. I'm about ready to just do it, have him title it as a 1952 B33 as he still needs to title it (I won't buy until I see one) and either ride it as is or try and source a B33 engine.

What do you guys think, is this a good deal or should I pass? These bikes are extremely rare in the states as far as I can tell so I'm worried I won't find a more original bike for close to this price.

Thanks in advance for any advice/feedback!

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