Howdy All, Her again asking more questions
Basically is it normal when fitting the engine back into the frame to have a couple places where the engine casing (other that the mounting points)
are bumping or resting against the frame? I wouldn't think so. Bike is a "bitsa" Thought it to be a '66 Lightning turns out it's a '66 lightning engine bottom end/ with '65 cylinder & Head.
Finned Rocker cover which I believe is '68 or so I've read. Frame number tells me it's a '68 Mark IV. Anyway the point is; Put the engine back in this week got all the mounts lined up & installed
but then noticed on the left side at the front just under the Release Valve , it's resting against the frame. Also at the rear on the right side against the front of the plat which holds the swing-arm.
Not pressing hard mind you, but still it seams like it shouldn't be bumping against the frame excepts where it's mounted. Have you seen this ? is it common?
I did read the posts about shimming the mounts to make everything brush fit & I'll need to do that for sure as there are gaps.
I'll need to use a smaller bolt at the front in order to get any space where it's bumping at the bottom front Left. I used a thin piece of rubber to keep it shimmed away from the frame in that spot
and the spot at the rear as well. Only could fit about a .020" piece of rubber between .
Any advice or input is greatly appreciated.

'66 Lightning Engine, '68 Mark IV frame "bitsa"