I think there is at least one state here that is encouraging motorcyclists not only to ride with lights on (mandatory) but hat you leave the high beams on. During the day there doesn't seem to be a problem with blinding someone this way and may well allow the motorcyclist to be seen better than with just the low beam on.
I guess it really depends on where you ride. Where I ride, motorcycle accidents are kind of rare and fatalities down to one or two a year if that. I ride my British bikes with headlight on during daylight hours only when my charging system allows it, or on the highway. Around town, there is a constant discharge of the battery that will eventually get you stranded.
They both have switchable headlights whereas the Honda does not and also the law exempts old bikes in the daylight lights-on law.

My mantra, which has worked so far, is to ride like you are invisible anyway, which is at least sometimes true even with flashing high beams, orange vests, open pipes, you name it.


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