Going crazy here.
So my lightning has a stuttering/lugging problem at about 3/4 throttle, around 4-4.5k rpms im guessing (no tach). It had been running good but after rebuilding the carbs it boggs down and stutters right about the point it should be taking off then as the rpms (painfully) increase it clears out and accelerates as it should.
Ive replaced inline fuel filters, pulled the carbs apart again and gave em a good spraying with carb cleaner, played with air/fuel mixture, dropped the needle, raised the needle, just bout everything i can think of and its making me nutters..
Oh, new battery, ignition switch and running pazon e.i. for reference.
Originally pulled the carbs cause i assumed original problem i was chasing was from the carbs sitting for a couple months woth fuel in and getting gummed up but was the failing battery.
What am i missing here?