I removed the steady plate from my 1951 “C” Rapide, and found that the front cam gear (ET 157) had worn a groove on the internal surface of the plate. I appear to have the appropriate shims/thrust washers but am unsure. First of all, the cam gear and bush appear to be seated well and there is the appropriate-looking 1/2 inch thrust washer, but I don’t know if it is of the correct thickness.
Paul Richardson’s book gives a description of the I.D of the washers, but no thickness is mentioned. Also, it specifies that both E95 and ET98/1 are both on the outside of the steady plate, whereas the parts manual illustration (MO13) makes it appear that both should be on the inside of the plate. Any clarification would be eagerly accepted.

Also, on a different note, the timing marks on the cam spindles appear different from the illustration in the Owners’ manual - were there different ones used? In addition, my large idler gear has NO timing marks, and I could not see any timing marks on the crankshaft pinion.

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