Thanks for the very useful additional info posted above. having looked through the ledgers it looks like two may still be 'in service' (Army Museum?), two transferred to Singapore, one to PNG and one reported as stolen! I can't identify any specifically as RAAF machines. Interestingly, several have engine chnages with one number being 581. From this, i assume that part of the order was spare engines, at least 31 of them, which would be usual for a fleet buyer such as a defence force. Servicing agents could possibly have been local BSA dealers, which could be Brisk sales in Brisbane and the well known JN Taylors in Adelaide, however this is supposition. Regarding the WM20s, it looks like the site mentioned has captured all these in a spreadsheet, just not published online. I wasn't planning on doing this, just providing a guide as to where to find them in the registers. I may provide these as a form of index to supplement the excellent REMLR site and also the AWM direct.

1966 Triumph Thunderville
1970 TR6C