The spread sheet boffing over on the WM 20 forum have already done this AFAIK
Unfortunately my WM20 is not on there as it was never actually allocated & was sold surplus, crated.
But before you go square eyed compiling the information you might like to do some enquireys there as AFAIK the boys have already done that.
Back the B40GA's
The disposal site had nothing to do with the actual dispersal.
My bike was used by a division in Albury but disposed of from Holdsworthy.
The Department of Supply took over all Government stores and in this process stuff was shifted all around the nation as they consolidated smaller warehouses then disposed of the surplus stuff that was way down the back, before selling the land.
Because most of the spares for the B40 GA happened to be in the Suez cannal at the wrong time, they ended up being sunk.
Apparently most of the sunken salvage went to Indian steel plants under the supervision of the various insurance companies.
Because of this the B40's were replaced way before time with Suzuki 400 twins ( Escort duty & MP's ) and Honda Elsinores for feild operations .
At least the boffins had learned from the early failures that a single biike for both field & road use was not a good idea.
The servicing of the remaining B40 GA's went to contract and in Sydney it was done by Gladesville Motorcycles run by the Carruthers Bros ( Yes that Carruthers ).
In Victoria Mildridge Bros had the contract but I have no ides if there was a Brisbane , or even QLD service agent and if there was one no idea who it was, Same for SA.
Also because of the lack of spares as by now BSA had closed down, B40's that were suspected of having the said big end failures were kept for spares and not repaired.
As the servicing was done on contract most of the bikes got transferred to a warehouse near the servicing agent, if they did not get burried under piles of Vietnam surplus.
The unsubstantiated rhumor was that a lot of perfectly good ones also got the "PROV-UR" stencilled on the tank as the servicemen really did not like them and prefferred to have a new bike by hook or by crook.
When the big sales happened at Holdsworthy a lot of our members bought bikes from there and it was common to see 3 or 4 on every club run.
However the ones that were pressed into daily transport all ended up with a failed big end.
Of the 2 purchase by yours truly, both dropped their big ends. One remained free & the other siezed on the crank, the former was stolen & the latter I still have
For a while I rode Shane's and his dropped the big end as well.
Stuart had 2 and both of them ended up with new big ends for the same reason.
As did Nial's, who wrote the piece you saw on the UK B40 Army site.
Stuart did a piece that was printed in one of the local bike mags, when he returned from the UK having spent some time with Dave Smith ( Rupet Ratio to some ) researching.
AMCN did a 1/2 page back in 64 when the trials were on and another one in March 1966 (Vol 15 No 20 ) announcing the placement of the order should you feel inclined to dig them out.
The B40's in the first trial had the old C15 frame but this was upgraded to the Victor frame before the order was placed.
The original trials go back to 1960 where all British makers + HD sent bikes so there were Nortons , Triumphs, Enfields & Velocettes all under evaluation.The C15 won out that round.
You will see them as entries 94741 to 94752
In 1964 the second batch of evaluation bikes arrived being C 15's & B 40's both to army specifications & the B40 won the day.
Note that quite a few of the B40's have C15 aa frame numbers.

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