I have NOS A70 BSA/Hepolite pistons.
At this time,I can offer,one pair, of one of, the following-
STD. - 71-2710 stamped 71/2666
+.020- 71-2884 stamped 71.2667
+.040- 71-2885 stamped 71.2668
Yes, slashes and dots.
These pistons include rings,gudgeon pins,and circlips.
For less than 1/2 the ED V piston price.+ shipping.

At factory timing specs,
my 9.5:1 engine is not happy with R+M/2 93 octane -97ron fuel.
It is happy with R+M/2 96 octane -100ron fuel.
Others here seem to have better luck,with lower grade fuels.
Send me a pm,if interested.

1969 BSA A65T w/A70 engine
1970 Royal Enfield Interceptor S ll