I'm interested in a BSA A70 750cc

How hard/easy is it to find those special parts that I would need next time the engine will be rebuilt?
Please list who might have parts for the a70.

What is the difference in the sludge trap tube and plug compared to A65?
Also the crankshaft shims are different I wonder how or which one to order?
same with conrods..

Basically I want to learn about all differences and I'm grateful for any help here.

See image
[Linked Image]

A70L specific knowledge so far

STD 71-2710 stamped 71/2666 = about 396 gram ea complete
+020 71-2884 stamped 71.2667
+040 71-2885 stamped 71.2668 = about 409 gram ea complete

71-2682 Sludge trap plug = UNF 5 / 8” x 18tpi (A65 has 3/4”)
71-2683 sludge trap = smaller diameter than A65

71-2710 std piston =gudgeon pin 5,5mm higher up vs A65
71-2697 TS bush = shorter than A65

71-2673L, 71-2677R Conrods = same as the late 1972 A65 ?

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BSAing you
Morgan Johansson
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