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With 2 A65 boxes on the market and the Nova version on the market which is very similar with the barrel selector, also the John Hill/PES 5 speed box which has proved extreemely popular.... Is there any call for another 5 speed box?

Nova 5 speed box

Still if you can beat the price that Nova is charging, I'd much prefer yours. I helped with the ratios on the Nova, amongst other details as did David Drew on this forum. a lot of work with nothing in return...

Edit, I am looking again at the photo and can only see 2 selector tracks... Is this for a stock 4 speed?

Mr. Gill. How did you help Nova with the ratios and (which) details?

I originally approached Quaife about having a set of gearboxes made, I would have needed 25 confirmed orders for them to start the process (if you go back through the search you may find this) I could full fill about 10 orders including my own which whilst could be done, each box would have been a lot more expensive than the price that an order of 25 would have been by about £1000. The other other issue was the big jump between 4th and 5th was too great and Quaife wasn't interested in changing their gear ratios.

A few years previous I had contacted Nova, knowing the success of their pre unit 5 and 6 speed boxes I had asked them if they did a box for the A65 which they did not.

Going back to my original post on here I started communicating with David, after some discussion we had decided to contact Nova, it meant commissioning them to be made, something I couldn't afford so David stumped the money up. David then communicated directly with Nova and I spent time working out ratios. Using my own experience with the CR and STD A65 boxes, (I also compared against other 5 speed boxes from the era such as the T140 box) and how the bike performed with some different cams, cylinder heads etc I got a good idea of where (in my experience) the power band was, and where I felt the next gear change should be for to keep the bike in the power band, from that worked out a box for either racing or road use. The CR box wasn't much different to the ratios I sent off apart from "adding a first gear" and from memory adjusting some of the ratios to suit. Nova asked for various measurements from different years of A65 to make sure that a box would fit anything from the first to the last of production. because of the limit of cases I could measure from at this time I asked Ed V to make some measurements for me. Nova took the ratios and tweaked them to suit the tooth profile on their gears but they are not too different from what was sent. After all that I still couldn't afford the box even at the price offered to me, I think David had a couple of them. Before its official release and publication in the CBG I found out that John had also made a box, at the time it was cheaper than what I could have bought the Nova box for at discounted cost and withdrew interest.

If you wondering if I could back this up, I could.... I still have all the emails and the spreadsheets from the time (albeit on another computer but still available, you would just have to wait until I get to it).


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