A standard a65 is missing between second and 3rd, the close box is spot on apart from its benefit from a 5th gear and that would be a low first. Unfortunately anyone who I’ve spoken to hear boxes about don’t understand about a change in tooth pitch to obtain a different ratio and when you mention the numbers of teeth for each paired gear most don’t believe you.

If you alter the engine characteristics so it produces a lot more torque, either box works well in the capacity it was designed for. The jump from 2nd to third is fine because the power band has been widened and the CR is fine apart from in club run traffic, unless you start gearing the overall ratios to stock. Mine runs sweetest with taller gearing, the clutch is taller so having a 19t gearbox calculates the same as a 20t with a standard clutch and a 42t rear sprocket.


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