Ok, "finished" the rebuild. 1968 ish B44. new valves, guides, rebore (so new piston and rings) whole load of head problems (previous posts) but now well sorted.
New Wassell ignition plus Podtronics reg. New AMAL carb. Ignition set up to the marks, which I have checked (9/32" BTDC as per Rupert Ratio). I kick and I kick ( tickle the carb, bring it up to TDC, ease it over with the deco ever, then kick like hell) but all I get is a "chuff" back through the carb. I stripped it back down to check valve timing marks, perfect, noticed one of the cam followers was wrong way round (Ah, ha THATS the problem) put it all back together...……. Kick, chuff , kick chuff. no darn different. It sparks real well, I put an electric drill on the crank shaft nut and spun the engine over (plug out), lots of sparks, so figured to put a strobe on it while doing that to find out WHEN it is sparking, BUT the only strobes available are " not suitable for motorcycles or vehicles with positive earth", so that would be me then. Does ANYONE have any ideas??