so i finally got myself together and decided to get rid of those oil spots on the floor, pulled the timing side apart, need new kick seal and a fresh coat of loctite 518 on the flange no problem.
then time for the drive side.. noticed a high amount of metal shavings in the oil. well did not think much of it as i renewd the clutch plates like 1000km ago.. then , after removing the chaincase cover i noticed it was aluminium shavings... hmm chain is steel , clutch is steel , bearings are steel... but after a quick look at the rotor i saw where they came from ..
[Linked Image]
the rotor had scraped against the timing pin on the cover. how is this possible?
its a BSA B40WD 1967.
rotor nut was on tight and tab washer intact.
when i did the clutch 1000km ago there was no problem and have not messed with the rotor during or since doing the clutch.
timing pin was in its correct place, tho quite a bit rounder than it use to.

did notice a noticable slack in the rotor to crank key
did also notice tho that the rotor was sticking out a little bit from the stator, but might always have done this.

took apart the clutch tho and found out i forgot some loctite on the hub screws...
[Linked Image]

any sugestions to how this happend ? (the screws i figured i forgot loctite)