Hello all,
I've a 1957 West coast A10 Spitfire that I would describe as a reproduction rather than original, although it does have many of the original parts as confirmed by Magnetoman's excellent detailed thread on this specific model and it did come with a US title dated 1966 with corresponding Spitfire serial numbers.

The question is, should the Catalina fuel tank have a vent tube or not? The attached Hap Alzina sales brochure of the day suggest not but MMs illustrations suggest it should have. Also should the colour be red or Silver? Again period black and white illustrations suggest it could be either, dependant on it being west coast or east. My tank is a indian reproduction in red with a vent pipe and I've a feeling it should be silver without a vent.

Finally I've just noticed on the Hap Alzina sales brochure that the 1957 Super Rocket came with an 'extra heavy' crankshaft. Does anybody know if this was also fitted to the Spitfire?
Many thanks

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