Well its dead of winter in New York, Going a little stir crazy.
I figured I do a few projects and upgrades on my mostly original 1970 Thunderbolt.
Seems to be alot of folks working on '70 BSA's these days.
Anyway first project up is replacing my dual seat cover.
My original is torn, worn and the seams are opening up.
The replacement seat cover is from a company called Cyclone and the quality seems on par with my original.
I would like to toss out the cheap plastic trim and 's' clips that came with the replacement and just reuse the seat 'spikes' on the pan and the original bolted in chrome trim.
Anyone out there have suggestions or tips to help me install this cover correctly. Just trying to avoid any mistakes.
The pan and spikes are all accounted for and in good shape.
The seat foam is nice, fully intact, dry and still pliant so I was planning on reusing that.

Thanks in advance, Giovanni