I've got a few jobs left before I can have a go at starting my A65. My current focus is on the caburettors. The bike was standing for +20 years before I got it, however new carbs were fitted some time before it was put into storage.

The bike is a 1970 A65 Lightling and the carbs are Mk1 Concentric 300/930's with 200 main jets. The throttle slides are 928 No3, and the needle clips are set in the top slot.

I know I will need to spend a bit of time tuning them when the bike is up and running.

My questions are:-

Are these carb settings what you would expect with a standard 1970 Lightning set up ?

I have fitted a new Siamese exhaust system with a standard clubman silencer.

Are the settings going to be OK to get me going with the Siamese pipes ?

What would happen if I change the original paper filters for velocity stacks or AMAL filters. Will I need to change the jets and slides ?