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The ET stands to benefit the most from these bulbs if they work...
Hold off until I have time to test them. Mine arrived today and even though I don't have time to do anything I took a little time anyway. I hooked one of its "filaments" to a power supply and the bulb begins to light up at 4V and seems to achieve full brightness at 5.8 V, at which point according to the power supply's ammeter it was drawing only ~1.5 A. The other filament behaved the same, although it drew ~1.8 A Although I'll instrument it properly for illumination, voltage, current and frequency response(*) when I get a chance, taking these at face value it only needs ~20 W to give full brightness from both filaments (and it certainly looks bright). That's less than 2/3 the power the E.T.'s lighting coils supply. That's the promising news.

Something to worry about is how irritating the flicker will be. If the filaments are "instant" on and off at the threshhold voltage, rather than taking at least ~5 msec.(*) to fade once they're on, there's a considerable part of the duty cycle when they will be off. On the other hand, an appropriate capacitor may easily take care of that. However, it also remains to be seen if the beam pattern is acceptable.

Anyway, having done only the most superficial of tests, at this point I'm cautiously optimistic this bulb could make our E.T. bikes forces to be reckoned with after the sun goes down. If so, it will remove the only factor where our E.T. systems aren't vastly superior to bikes having those wretched batteries that I hate so much.

(*) the voltage from the stator goes through 6 "zeros" per revolution so at 1800 rpm that happens 1800 revs/min x 1 min/60sec. x 6 zeros/rev = 180 zeros/sec or 1 zero every ~6 msec.

Your worried about 50hz flicker at idle ?

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