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What's the consensus on black fuel line when you don't have to buy ethanal fuel? In these parts, we have more than one choice of non ethanal including Chevron 94 and haven't had a problem yet.

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UV light attacks everything and causes them to degrade, people included.
Keep your bike out of the sun & the fuel line will remain soft for a very long time.
Heat also does the same thing
So never ride your bike and the black rubber fuel lines will remain soft for a very long time.

There are many different grades of black rubber fuel line.
The best is a double layer one with butyl ( petrol proof ) rubber inner sleeve and a neoprene ( oil resistant ) rubber outer sleeve.
These come fiberglass reinforced, steel reinforced , stainless steel reinforced & I have just seen some kevlar reinforced ones.
The strongest are the fuel injected hoses.

As such a lot of fuel line can crack on the outside & not leak.
Then there are single wall rubber fuel lines, the best are Bunya-n rubber but the down side of them is when they start to crack on the outside the crack will go all the way through.

While it is a PIA to replace them, only properly spiral wound, full soft copper fuel lines are permanent so everything else should be considered a service replacement part.

Tygon, made by St Gomain in the USA is the yellow coloured fuel line.
They also make a clear , a grey & a blue fuel line.
The tygon is a single wall tube so when it starts to crack it must be replaced.
Tygon s very expensive & as already mentioned will have the manufacturers code as a continious line for the full length of the tube.

I fix lawnmowers & get a lot of spam selling unbranded fuel line in the "Popular yellow colour"
Most of this is gelatin based plastic and will dissinergrate while you are riding.
A lot of cheap Chinese chain saws come fitted with it as standard and they all fall apart within a year or so.
many stories about exploding shainsaws & line trimmers from this line leaking and then the tool bursting into flames.

Genuine Tygon is expensive.
If it is not expensive then it is not Tygon

Some BSA's came fitted with plain old PVC which will also work, but goes hard in a few years thus requiring regular replacement.

It is your bike so you decide what you want to fit, just remember no matter what you use it WILL HAVE TO BE REPLACED at some regular interval.
The cheaper the tubing the more often you will need to replace it.

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