Both black rubber and clear plastic are unsuitable for fuel hose long term. The petrol rots the rubber which then blocks the carb. Petrol hardens plastic hose causing leaks at the fittings.
The black synthetic rubber used on Japanese bikes lasts well as does the yellowish Tygon hose

BSA B31 500 "Stargazer"
Greeves 200 "Blue Meanie"
Greeves 350
Greeves 360
Suzuki GSX1100 EFE "Sorcerers Apprentice"
GM500 sprint/LSR bike "Deofol"
Jawa 500 "Llareggub"
Aprilia RSV Mille "Lo Stregone"
'35 & '36 OK Supreme
Kawasaki ZZR1400 "Kuro no senshi"