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Mark Z

I trust that you wore some heat-proof gloves when you pushed the bearing out with your fingers at 200 degrees :-)

if referring to the torrington inside the gearbox, a std heatgun and a screwdriver did the trick, no injuries sustained
if referring to the crankshaft timing side bush, applied brute force and again no injuries

but to assemble the needlerollerbearing inner race onto the crankshaft is a tricky operation.
apply heat with the heatgun, then pick up the very hot inner race and position it on the exact position on the crankshaft timing side stub.
and keep holding it in position and wait for the inner race to shrink

cool your fingers and observe position of inner race, repeat untill satisfied.
and yes I wore some gloves

regards A

Sorry for the confusion lemans, Whisper was responding to my post about changing out the high gear bearing on a T140.

Mark Z

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