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as I was rather pissed of by photobucket's ransom actions already one year ago, I decided to move forward with a raspberry-pi webserver. took some time but this is the result.
tadaaa. a server with my own pictures.

as the chris-crank is of no use yet (not without extensive modifications) I reverted to the tested 360-degree setup (had to, damn)
J.Hill alloy barrel
5-speed gearbox
newby belt

progress is being made
regards A

Probably the best solution for now, I have been discussing it with Mark at PES (CCM Britain, and the maker of Johns 5 speed box) He may be tempted to make an offset crank but will need a few bits to make one against I should imagine.

SRM are now selling an offset crank... However it is (and is advertised as) one of the Norish cranks...

On the Newby belt kit, give Bob a ring and he may machine you a clutch centre to suit the splined mainshaft.


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